recent writing


“making it” - the rumpus

“breadcrumb #482” - breacrumbs mag

“where the wild things are” - pidgeonholes

“how to photograph your newborn” - grist online

“when people back home ask me about winters in marquette” - sonora review (forthcoming)

"the machine" - redivider (winner of the 2018 beacon street prize in nonfiction, judged by hanif abdurraqib)

“the heart the brain” - sinking city lit mag

"breasts: a history" - granta

“the natural mother of the child” - pigeon pages (winner of the 2018 flash contest, judged by alexander chee)

"words first seen in print in 1987" - black warrior review /// “on words first seen in print in 1987,” online craft essay

"new york's playground" - split lip magazine 

"small talk" - tin house online

"on a day so searingly hot my mother goes swimming, my father does not invite me to a tom petty concert" - atticus review (runner up in the 2018 flash cnf contest)

"your mother is telling a story" - jellyfish review (best of the net nominee)

"notes for my body double" - new delta review (runner up in the 2017-18 ryan r. gibbs award in flash fiction)

"hand double" - the spectacle

"caramel" - sonora review online

"at the catholic school i pretend i never attended" - crab fat magazine

"when a 17-year-old checkout clerk in small town michigan hits on me, i think about the girl i loved at 17" - brevity 

"check my id" - the adroit journal (best of the net 2018)

"wake up" - river teeth's "beautiful things" 

"polar bears eat their young" - redivider journal issue 15.1 (pushcart nominee)

"your father, the cab driver" and "the broad street line" - 45th parallel

"when trying to decide whether or not to move to a remote area of michigan, i attempt to convince you to buy a tiny knockdown house underneath the el" - cleaver magazine

"why you and i are not and will never be the kinds of people who get married on the subway" - star 82 review

"fire" and "my father never" - reservoir (best of the net nominee)


chapbook - in transit - the cupboard pamphlet